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We know that convenience is crucial when it comes to placing the best bets, you never know when you might hear that tasty little tip that could help you win big time. And we have the solution, our Betway mobile app brings all the latest odds and betting options straight to your phone. Making betting on your mobile easy and fast, with a few taps of the screen you could be the winner of the next jackpot win!

Why go mobile with the Betway app?

Mobile betting and casino games on offer

Our app is not just for placing sports bets as it offers a selection of the best mobile casino games to keep you entertained. When you get the Betway app you will have access to all your favourite slot games and table games at the Betway Casino. Playing casino games on your phone is easy and more importantly lots of fun. Spin the reels of popular slots games or test your skills at the tables playing games like roulette or blackjack.

App device compatibility

We have developed the Betway app to be compatible with both Android and Apple devices.

Apple Users: iPhone, iPad

If you are the user of an Apple device then tap here to download the Betway Mobile App to your device. This link will redirect you to the iTunes App Store where you can install the Betway App for free. Once you have downloaded the app you can login with your existing user details or setup an account if you are new to the Betway family

Android Users

We are not listed in the Google Play Store yet but that does not mean you can’t enjoy the Betway mobile app fun. All you need to do is download the app directly to your phone by tapping here. Once the download starts you will need to follow the prompts. If your download is not working correctly then you might need to change a few settings:

Please note you should only download the Betway App from this page, the app is only available from this page.

If you experience any issues or problems with the app or downloading the app contact our customer support team who are ready and waiting to assist.