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The world of competitive gaming has exploded into an internationally recognised sport that attracts millions of viewers and billions of dollars in prize money. Casual gamers have turned into serious stars who have a huge following and draw in seven-figure salaries.

We understand how big esports have become, especially in Ghana, and because of that, we offer the most competitive esports odds on all of your favourite players, teams, matches and tournaments. From Fortnite and Call of Duty, to FIFA and Madden, you can bet on all of your favourite games from your PC and mobile.

Download the Betway app and keep the action in your pocket wherever you go. Everything you can do on your PC, you can do from the app. Whether you want to place the perfect bet, top up your account, or withdraw your winnings, everything you need is a few taps away.

How to bet on esports

Whether you want to back the winner of a big match, or simply bet on which side you think will win a particular map, placing your first bet on esports can be done in just a few easy steps:

  1. Sign up or log into your Betway account
  2. From the homepage, find and click on the esports icon
  3. Choose the game you’d like to bet on
  4. Find the match you want to bet on
  5. Choose your outcome
  6. Complete your betslip
  7. Click on Bet Now

If you’re struggling to find the match you’re looking for, there are filter options available at the top of the page that will help you narrow down the number of matches available. If you want to bet on something a little more exciting than a simple Match Result (1X2) bet, click on the “More Bets” icon next to the fixture to get a full list of the different types of bets you can place.

Esports betting tips

As with any sport, betting on esports can be a bit overwhelming, but if done right, can triple the thrill of even the most boring of matches. If you’re not entirely sure of the best way to learn more about esports betting, the Betway Insider Blog is the perfect place to start. You’ll get in-depth articles and amazing insight into the world of esports from our trusted experts.

It also helps to understand which major tournaments are the most popular and which teams are most likely to come out on top. Five of the biggest tournaments on the annual esports calendar are:

  1. The International Dota 2 Championships
  2. Capcom Pro Tour
  3. Intel Extreme Masters
  4. League of Legends World Championships
  5. Call of Duty Championship

Some of the teams to keep an eye on include:

  1. Nijas in Pyjamas
  2. Made in Brazil
  3. Invictus Gaming
  4. PSG LGD
  5. DreamHack Masters

For a solid understanding of which team in any particular match is the favourite to win, all you need to do is have a look at the odds. The lower a team’s odds, the more likely they are to win. If both teams have the same, or similar odds, then it’s time to strap in for an exciting contest – it might even be a good idea to wait for the match to start, wait to see how the teams are looking and then placing your bets live.

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If you have any queries or questions you would like more information about anything to do with your account or placing your next esports bet, refer to our FAQ’s page, or if you would like to speak to our agents, Contact Us at our 24-hour support centre.

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